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mental load of parenting

Mental Load Scheduler

Feeling like it's all on your shoulders?

Are the default parent?

Does the everyday functioning activities fall to you?

Would the housework not get done if you didn't do it?

Would appointments not be made if not for you?

Does you partner not even realise how much you do behind the scenes?

And now you're feeling tireed, resentful and burnt out?

This PDF schedule is for you.

The Mental Load

Have you heard this term before?

It is the running to do list that never leaves your head. All the things that need to get done day to day, week to week; to ensure the family functions.

Often this falls to the primary parent.

Not any more.

Use this Mental Load Scheduler to allocate tasks to different family members. You don't have to do it all - in fact, you shouldn't! It's time to delegate.

What Does it Include?

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