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A Letter To My Children

To my babe,

These moments are wonderfully hard.

Exhaustion grips at my eyes, yet I'm wide awake

I watch your jaw move as you suckle at my breast

The only place you want to sleep tonight

I cherish these moments, and yet wish they would pass

Then you reach out and stroke my face and i want time to freeze

You're growing so fast little one, it's a pleasure to see

I'll keep holding you close, as long as you'll let me

We can sleep together, or sleep apart. Whatever you need tonight, tomorrow, forever.

For I know one day you wont need me the same.

I still cant believe I get to watch you unfold

Into a complete person all your own

Watching you change everyday has been my life's joy

I will treasure every memory, constantly shoving the camera in your face.

You don't stay little for long and I want to remember

So when you're grown I can still feel your hand on my face, your breath on my chest

As we sleep together, heartbeats in sync.

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