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Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training

We've practiced Elimination Communication with our kids from birth.

For us, this meant holding bubs above a potty, sink or toilet every nappy change.

As our eldest grew, we began putting them on the potty when we knew they would wee or poo (approx. every 20mins). Bubs didn't have very clear signs of needing to go so we stuck to timed intervals until deciding to ditch the nappies at 18months.

Early on, our baby got used to using the potty and would wait to go. From about 6-8 months they were wearing training pants at home and often had dry nappies when out.

Once they started learning to walk, around 9 months, until getting the hang of it, around 15 months, there was little pattern to their elimination and we went back to offering at nappy changes. This felt really frustrating however totally developmentally appropriate.

They began stretching how long they could wait between wees at this point and at about 18 months we decided to ditch the nappies. Within a week or so we were down to 0-1 misses and they were starting to initiate going.

At 20 months, we had baby number 2 and as expected our eldest had a major regression.

We ended up returning to nappies for a few weeks to stay on top of everything. About a month in of life with 2 we again ditched the nappies. It's been a lot slower this time and things like bad sleep, teething and illnesses have impacted the process significantly.

At this stage we have runs of dry days and then days of total potty refusal. We've gone from being dry at day care and a mess at home to being dry at home and a mess at day care.

Allowing some independence has been key to help the refusal days; as well as keeping it fun and low pressure.

This time around, with baby number 2, I'm trying to put less pressure on myself to always be 'catching' and focus more on the connection opportunities EC provides. We chat and giggle while waiting for a wee, and I don't feel bad if they poo in their nappy (or on the floor). Sh*t happens. Literally.

It's also a lot harder to cue into their natural timing when I'm not able to be 100% focussed on them. I'm very interested to see how this translates to toilet learning as a toddler.

Watch this space.

Check out my upcoming blog on what we considered essential items for doing EC from birth (or any age).

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