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Support new parents with a set of birth affirmation cards. With inspirational quotes and comforting words, this set is the perfect gift for any family welcoming a new bundle of joy.


During my first pregnancy I felt very nervous and apprehensive around birth and labour. I didn't know what to expect and jumped at every little niggle. Having a visual reminder of how capable our bodies are and reiterating to myself that I had this no matter what happened really helped get me in the right headspace to birth my baby.

This deck is comprised of 24 cards with meaningful sayings aimed at encouraging a sense of power and control. Labour and birth is a huge intense process - which we are made for.

Head to instagram to see display options and share images of the cards in your space. I love seeing my work in your homes.

Birth Affirmation Cards

  • 24 cards per deck. Cards are 127mmx 177.80mm

    The cards come in a drawstring bag with a small wooden stand.