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A loss is a loss and these babies deserve their space to be remembered. It's not often spoken about but 1 in 4 people suffer from infant loss which means there are millions of people out there who can relate.

The colour is customisable.

Processing time is 5-7 days plus shipping.

Head to instagram to see display options and share images of the print in your space. I love seeing my work in your homes.

First Trimester Loss Keepsake - Framed

  • I have created prints -to scale- sketching what the baby would have looked like at different gestations, starting at 13cmx13cm (plus frame).
    To commemorate a baby lost in 2nd or third trimester I recommend my birth posters.

  • As this is a custom order, there are no refunds or returns. If the piece is damaged in transit, claim with Australia Post for your money back.