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Welcome to our unique collection of Neurospicy Pins, where we celebrate and embrace the diverse ways in which people navigate the world around them. This 1-inch enamel pin, beautifully designed with thoughtful craftsmanship, bears the powerful message: "I Struggle with Spoken Words."


We understand that each individual's journey through life is distinct and remarkable. Some of us find comfort and clarity through conversations, while others require the magic of written words to truly connect and learn. This enamel pin encapsulates this profound truth, a symbol of solidarity for those who find their voice through writing.


Our Neurospicy Pin collection serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions. By wearing the "I Struggle with Spoken Words" pin, you're opening up a vital conversation about the importance of accommodating various communication styles. It's a gentle reminder that safe spaces are nurtured when we acknowledge and respect each other's differences.


Pin this exquisite enamel piece to your backpack, jacket, hat, or any other accessory you fancy. Let it be a testament to your journey, an emblem of your courage to embrace your communication style, and a beacon of support for others who share similar struggles.

Furthermore, the "I Struggle with Spoken Words" enamel pin makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends, family members, or colleagues who appreciate the beauty of diverse communication styles. It's a way to show your understanding and support for their unique way of navigating the world.


Join us in fostering a world where everyone's differences are celebrated and respected. Order your "I Struggle with Spoken Words" enamel pin today and become a part of the conversation about creating safe spaces for all.

"I Struggle with Spoken Words" Enamel Pin


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